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CBR Powersports

Where fun is a year round thing!


Unleaded and leaded race fuels, Ethanol and Methanol fuels, Oxygenated race fuels, Diesel race fuel and additives, Race oil and lubricants, Traction compounds, Tire Treatments, Utility jugs, Funnels, Siphon pumps, Spout extenders, apparel, and more!


Keep your sled running great by performing preventative maintenance! Some of the things our typical service includes are inspection and replacement of spark plugs, oil changes, chain case lube, greasing chassis, belts, bearings, clutch cleaning, idler wheels, cleaning fuel systems, carb cleaning and repair, checking skis and carbides, slides, inspecting track, etc.


Stay safe on the open road! We offer inspection of bulbs, horn, clutch play, bearings, spark plugs, general nuts and bolts, bearings, check suspension and exhaust, oil and filter change, coolant and brake fluids, tire pressure, air filter, brake pads, inspection of chain tension, and anything else you would like. Coming soon: state inspections!


Make sure your dirtbike is ready to ride! We offer inspection and/or replacement of tires, chain and sprockets, bushings, coolant where applicable, brake fluids, brake pads, clutch cable, and much more!


Enjoy the trails knowing your machine is ready to roll! We offer oil changes, checking battery charge, inspection of air filter, tires, brakes, pads, cv boots, driveshaft boots, checking bulbs, inspecting suspension components, and much more!


Be prepared and ready to ride the waves! We offer winterization and summerizing of jetskis, inspection of and/or replacement of flushing intake and cooling systems, oil changes, inspection and/or replacement of wear ring and impellers, spark plugs, inspecting hull, checking steering components, and any other needs!

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